Report a Claim

Losses are unfortunate – but if they happen, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions around the claim process

It varies based on the insured’s ability to provide the information necessary to settle the claim.  On average it only takes a few days to settle after we have all the information we need to settle the claim.

Unless your certificate says otherwise, we settle all claims on an Actual Cash Value basis.

Before payment from any loss, you will need to provide us with all pertinent records necessary to prove the loss.

If requested, you’ll need to send us a sworn statement of the loss within 60 days of our request.

Yes, if you are claiming burglary, you need to have evidence of a burglary such as a cut lock, video from facility, etc.

Our coverage doesn’t cover theft or mysterious disappearances.

Yes, we require pictures of the damaged goods to assess damage and support proof of loss.

Definitely.  Fire damage to unit, water leaking from a sprinkler head, and other causes of the claim that can be photographed or a video recorded is extremely helpful for your claim.

Burglary refers to stealing property by means of forcible entry into a securely locked storage space or unit, provided there are marks of forcible entry on the exterior storage space or unit. Theft does not require forcible entry. Theft and Mysterious Disappearance are not covered under this policy. The mere absence of a lock or padlock does not constitute visible marks of forced entry of a storage space.

Some certificates cover only water damage and some cover water damage and flood.

There are some nuances, but most times you can think of it like this.

  • Water damage is coming from above (sprinkler malfunction, leaking roof, etc.)
  • Flood damage is water coming from rising waters mostly due to heavy rains, hurricanes, etc.

To understand if you have flood coverage, please check your certificate of coverage.

We require supporting documentation in the best interest of our insureds to ensure we pay only valid claims including pictures as evidence and police reports.

We will prosecute fraudulent claim submissions, including up to the state maximum of 5 years in jail.

How to file a claim in 7 easy steps


1. Notify the Manager

Once a loss is discovered, let your storage facility manager know ASAP.

2. File a Police report

If a burglary or vandalism loss has happened, file a police report – even if your storage facility has filed one on their own behalf.

3. Protect your property from further loss

Try to secure your property and protect it from further damage.

4. Don’t discard damaged goods

Wait until a claims examiner has contacted you and advised that your damaged items can be discarded. If this isn’t possible, take photos of each item before discarding.

5. Gather what you need to file a claim

To ensure a smooth claims process, have the following information ready:

    1. Your contact information
    2. Your account information
    3. Incident location information
    4. Police report case number (if applicable)
    5. Description of the loss
    6. A list of property damaged in the incident

6. Report the claim

File your claim Online or over the phone

7. Work with our Claims team to settle the claim

Our claims team will reach out to discuss evidence needed and support you through the claims process.