Convenient coverage for your self-storage goods.

Bader Insurance program protects your self-storage unit’s valuables from theft, risks, and natural disasters


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Self-storage goods insurance offers a broader scope of coverage than typical renters or homeowners insurance.

Coverages vary based on endorsements selected at the facility level. For a list of your specific coverages, please review your Certificate of Insurance.


Forced-entry theft and loss in secured storage spaces.


Loss or damage caused by fire or smoke.

Water Damage

Loss or damage caused by water leaks. (coming down like from a roof leak or sprinkler system failure)

Wind, Hail, Tornado, Snow, Ice

Damage from wind, hail, tornado, collapse of roof from snow and Ice.

Mildew, Bacteria, Fungus, Wet or Dry Rot

Optional coverage for damage from mildew, bacteria, fungus, wet or dry rot.

Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption or Landslide

Optional coverage from earthquake, volcanic eruption, or landslide damage.

Outdoor Parking

Optional coverage for damage or theft to items parked in outdoor open-air parking spots.


Optional partial coverage from pests

*Excludes insects belonging to the Cimicidae family (i.e., bed bugs).


Optional coverage for water damage from rising waters.

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